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Everybody Hates Self-Publishing

Oct 22, 2020

This week on the Localist, Pam Sanderson, Director of Account Development at Infomedia, joins Carrie to talk about everything you need to know about websites. Pam and Carrie dive in with where you should start when evaluating your website, and how to assess your goals. One of Pam’s best tips is to focus on your customers and your content first, and she gives you a road map to follow from there. Pam and Carrie then discuss the best ways to strike a balance between your users, good design, and Google’s algorithm (hint: consistent, quality content is a good place to start!). Content is truly king in the world of websites, and Pam and Carrie give great tips on how to create, utilize, and get the most out of your content. They wrap up the conversation with when to seek help with your website, and what you can expect if you work with a web developer. 

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